Who am I?

My name is Joel. I am an actual Colorado native. I have a wife named Madi, a daughter, Clara (born 3/2016), a beagle named Bambina and a cat who refuses to tell us her breed, named Molly. My wife and I are both travel nurses (RN’s who move every 3 months or so to an area where they have temporary shortages in nurses). I have been diagnosed with Grave’s Disease and will sporadically mention it every once in a while as it does affect my cycling if left unchecked.

Since travel is part of my job, I hope to take readers on a journey through the USA through a cyclist’s eyes. Impressions of the area, roads, communities and plenty of pictures will be headed your way. Hopefully I’ll be able to inspire a few people along the way to join the gypsy lifestyle and take to the road.

On a side note, I’ll also for a brief while, be posting about my physical condition on my physical progress page. There you can view my pasty-skinned torso as I am to become more fit…again.

Thanks for viewing!


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