POL training, Round 1

For the numbers during the first 3 weeks, go over to the POL training goal page.

After 3 weeks, the numbers aren’t lying. My heart rate zones are falling (quite a bit actually). I expect this to slow drastically over the next period, which is why I will be cancelling the third 3-week cycle and adding a stage-like ride to the first week of April. More on that to come.

As for the polarized training, I feel like I need to disclose that my heart rate zones were almost 4 months old when I started this, so they were probably lower when I began tracking. In any case, I have no doubt that this type of training is excellent for serious cyclists.

The only thing missing from my training is the distances. The first week I only rode 35 miles of below aerobic threshold (AeT). The miles increased in week 2 to 75.3 miles, and around 58 miles the final week. I’d expect the 75 miles to be around the mileage I need to be putting in, and I found myself bored with AeT training fairly quickly, hence the drop in mileage.

AnT training was difficult, very difficult. Four minutes is FOREVER when you’re laying the hammer down, no matter how slow you go. I found it challenging to keep a pace that raises my heart rate to 180 for 4 minutes. As my intervals progressed, I could feel my legs protesting and it became even more difficult to keep my heart rate up.

I added a twist to AnT training in weeks 2 and 3. First, a group of 3 thru the hills of South Ocala. The 2 other riders I was with are very strong and wanted a fast pace. Nothing crazy, but these hills are quite steep, but short (Floridians don’t meander up hills with their roads, they just go straight up). So I took these hills as my intervals. The pace became too fast for me, and I had to drop, not once, but twice. I felt bad, but only a little since they had to wait once on the go and the other time at a traffic light. Next time, it’ll be better.

The next week, whilst on a group ride, I forced myself to pull at a pace that was my AnT, which some of the guys in the group absolutely loved, since my pace is usually slower than most of the group’s pulling pace. The only problem is, trying to stay in the back after said pull. There were 6 riders on this one, so I had longer breaks than the hills ride, but I also managed by forcing myself to stay in front until there was a break given by a light. My intervals were longer on this ride as a result, probably not a bad thing. Quite fun if I do say so.

In any case, my heart’s getting better, so are my legs. That’s what it’s all about.

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  1. Stay with it, you’ll get there. Nice post.

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