Anaerobic training

Yesterday was technically the first day I had gone out and done interval training (I’m sure I’d done it inadvertently in the past).

02.18.2015 AnT HR

Just by eyeballing the graph, I picked up on a few things. First, except the first interval, I ran into stopping points during my long sprints (stop lights and round-a-bouts), which sort of messes up the interval by lowering my HR down at least 10 bpm. I’m pretty sure the only way to fix this is to head out into the country where there aren’t any stops…anywhere. That’ll happen next week.

Second, my last 2 intervals were lower than the first 2. The reason being…I got tired. Really tired. It was difficult to force my legs to push down any more than is represented in the graph purely because my legs are weak. They have endurance capabilities, but any of this sprinting and my power weans. If this workout works, this should happen less or stop happening altogether in future AnT rides.

I had a really long cool down which, I must say, was a most welcome end to this ride. It felt amazing to be able to sprint for so long, even if I wasn’t all-out sprinting as in short distances. The downside to this type of training is the end, my lungs hurt, my legs felt like jello. The cool down allowed some blood to help repair the damage done as well as allowed my breathing and heart rate to slow, which is comforting to say the least.

All in all, I like this type of ride. It’s only down fall is that it isn’t long enough to really quench my thirst for time on the bicycle. I knew this would be the case, so I did this ride first this week so as to make my AeT rides and extra rides do the quenching.

More to come!

5 responses to “Anaerobic training

  1. Great job! Doing intervals like that is awesome! I always see it from a mental stand point. I just keep telling myself “I can push that hard. I can push that hard.I can push that hard.” The body eventually slows down. But I am always amazed at how far I can really push myself on those days.

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    • I’m sure I’ll get to the point where my mental fortitude can do the same. Right now, it’s difficult for me to push past the burn in both chest and legs. Especially from minute 3 to minute 4. Yikes!

      Thanks for the post!

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  2. What app are you using? I want to do more with less and try interval training.

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    • I think it more or less will depend on what you’re using as a ride tracker. Garmin’s and the likes use ANT+, most mobiles use bluetooth, so get the right monitor for whatever you’re utilizing.

      Since I use the Strava iPhone app during rides, I got a bluetooth Wahoo TICKR. I literally just note the time I begin an interval and add 4 minutes, etc. The Wahoo app however can track your intervals individually if you’d like (you just start a new “lap”). Each app I’ve used is useful in their own way, but Strava uses less battery…so they win.


    • Also, I should tell you, a Garmin is probably the best way to go. They not only sync up with HR monitors, but also cadence/power meters and spedometers, and the coveted GPS mapping system for those who like to explore. They are all pretty small in size and definitely have secure mounts available for any bike.

      Using a phone for my rides I can say that last bit is definitely worth it alone, just because if you ever get on a paved road that feels like it isn’t, a phone bouncing on aluminum/carbon can seriously damage the phone. But honestly, the Garmin’s capabilities are amazing.


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