2014 for the Round Cycler

I’ll make this short so you’re not bored like the last post.

New Beginning

I started cycling again on July 6, 2014 after leading a mostly sedentary life over the previous 8 years. At 5’8″, I used to weigh 219 lbs. I would lose my breath tying my shoes, walking up stairs or even just lifting something not-so-heavy. It was time for a change, for sure. Out came the Schwinn! Mix in some motivation and some amazing support from the Mrs. and other family and friends and six months later, I’m down to 183 lbs and I feel amazing!

I’ve grown addicted to everything cycling for the second time in my life. Having experienced what happens when you lose sight of the great things attached with it, I’m never letting go. These first 6 months were tough, but I loved every mile in the saddle.

My cycling itself has made improvements by leaps and bounds. My first ride, I couldn’t ride more than 3 miles. Now, I’m riding over 100 miles every week and even gone on my first metric centuries as well as an English century! My speed has increased from a steady 15 mph to now pushing 20-21 mph! SO MUCH FUN!

The blog

While I probably overdid the blog in the beginning, it has its place in the grand scheme of things. I am trying to set goals that I can actually achieve (which is turning out to be difficult with 2 people gone from my work schedule and having to work more), but I’m getting into the range of goals that are appropriate. It keeps me honest. Plus, everyone gets to see me topless, which I know wasn’t great at first, but I’m coming along now.

All in all a pretty darn good year. Thank Florida for having warm winters (even though it does get chilly down here in the morning every once in a while).



Thanks for reading!

3 responses to “2014 for the Round Cycler

  1. 65?! That’s cheating!!! It’s supposed to be something like 4 up here on Tuesday! No fair man.


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