Accidents happen…

December 18 was a scary day. I set out early that day to go on a 65+ mile ride in and around The Villages and Belleview. I took familiar routes with safe shoulders (albeit on some faster roads, but nothing out of the ordinary for me). The ride was going well…really well. My steed was silent and fast and I could feel my energy levels rising as the ride progressed. It was shaping up to be a great day.

As I was reaching my half-way mark, something didn’t sound right. I heard a car coming, but not like I normally do. I sounded more direct than off to my left. I could tell it wasn’t going fast, but I still recognized that it’s a very heavy object and should probably move to the side. Before I could react, a sharp pain struck the left of my backside. I was sent hurtling toward the guard rail. It was all I could do to keep my bike steady and myself upright when out of no where, it felt like I dropped about 6 inches. A jostling like I hadn’t felt since my trials days ran thru my body.


Trying to see the vehicle or its driver, I quickly came to a stop realizing my tires were rapidly deflating after being pinched in that huge drop. Turns out that drop was a drainage grate with long slits in it that I fell into and forced myself out of. It also turns out that the driver wouldn’t be stopping to check on his/her potential human road kill.

Well, that was fun…A call to the Florida State Highway Patrol yielded no fruitful hopes of finding the person responsible as I saw basically nothing except that I was struck by a maroon minivan. My left wrist screamed at me in protest to its trials and tribulations and my shoulders ached under the agony of anxiety. It was over, but it still hurt.

My steed seemed to be alright. Although its rear wheel looked twisted up badly, an observation confirmed by the bike mechanics at my shop. So, now came the choice: new wheels, or get the new bike I’d just recently entered the market for?

I’d like you all to meet the 2014 Giant Propel!


2014 bike of the year – Giant Propel!

Sooner or later we’ll get some new wheels on this bike and transfer the current ones to the Schwinn. But, I must say, I love this bike. More on that to come.

Happy Christmas to me!


7 responses to “Accidents happen…

  1. Wow!!! Merry Christmas – I love that bike, man. Spectacular choice!

    However, I would lose the world champion jersey until such a time as you are, indeed, the World Champion. Should you wear that jersey on a club ride and you make a mistake, whispers of “the world champion took Bob out” will follow you till the end of time.

    My buddy Phil had his wheel taco’d by the German national champion at the Assenmacher 100 more than two years ago now and we still laugh about it. 😉

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  2. Hard way to ‘earn’ a new bike, glad you weren’t scrunched up too much.

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