Since December 2

It’s been a little bit since I’ve posted, so I thought I might do a good summary post to ensure my loyal readers that I am not deceased.

Rule of V’s

First things first, I’ve been reviving my lost connection with the sport…no, not sport…life of cycling. If you’re a cyclist, you know. If you’re not a cyclist, why are you here? If it’s to see someone else transform their life, fine. But go do your own transformation. We are all on this planet to improve ourselves to see the most perfect version of what we believe is our true self.

Some people buy into capitalism and seek the almighty dollar. Others seek spirituality thru God, Allah, Christ, Krishna, Buddha and the likes as a means to become more perfect. There’s everything in between as well; family, friends, cars, computers, gaming, sports.

But I’ve learned something profound about myself over the last week. I’ve learned that I seek perfection thru V. No, not V for Vendetta; not the female you-know-what; not the letter. V as the Velominati would keep it. V is the Roman numeral for 5. Rule 5 – Harden the fuck up. VV or Rule 10 – It never gets easier, you just go faster.


Crappy iPhone shot of “The Way of the Cycling Disciple: The Rules” Click on the pic to buy – trust me, it won’t disappoint!


As of late, I’ve been slacking. Once I completed the century, and even a bit before, I had been taking it easy on myself. And while easy rides have their place in a cyclist’s routine, they should never be the only element, nor the element that is most common. All it took was reading The Book once and my whole attitude has changed.

Too tired to ride after work? Cyclist’s work days don’t end at 5, they begin at V. Too cold out? Put on some warmers and make sure you get a headwind to start your ride. Rain? We welcome the new challenge that riding on slick tarmac brings.

This used to be my attitude back in college. I even got a dose when I began this blog. But for whatever reason, my V-Bank refused withdrawals. Now, it’s open for business.

Follow up?

All that being said – I feel like I need to explain my blog to those familiar with Merckx’s Disciples (no, that’s not Eddy Merckx above, but He definitely had moments like the one pictured in his career). I am here to catalog my road to fitness. I take pictures of myself and compare them to older ones, and do the same with data on my rides. This blog is in no way an attempt to brag about my comings and goings in cycling. I know I suck. I will not always suck tho. When it seems like I’m bragging or attempting to Talk It Up (Rule 81).

One side effect that I knew might come along with trying to be fit, is a cycling addiction. No, addiction isn’t the right word, that makes it sound negative. Let’s call it a cycling love affair (Rule #11 – Family does not come first. The bike does).

Rules As They Apply To This Blog

From now on, I will be posting on these rules for many reasons. First, they reinforce what I already know but sometimes need reminding about cycling. Some of the rules are completely hilarious to me. Nevertheless, I will explain them in some sort of way that pertains to my cycling. Be prepared for hilarity as well as some learning points.

What I’ve Been up to

I’m supposed to be writing about my experiences, and this is one of them, although I clearly didn’t say much about the book other than I read it. Suffice it to say, this book awakened the love affair I have with the sport. So, that’s what I’ve been doing – I’ve been having a love affair with my bike and cycling. Sick? Hell no. HTFU and get on yours.

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  1. And who are we to argue with the Keepers of the Cog? 🙂

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