Goals update

I’ve never taken the chance to use posts to update people on my goals progress so, here it is!

October 2014

The link above shows what kind of a month October was for me. Four of seven goals completed…yuck! In retrospect, the 150 miles/week goal is just too much now that my job is in full swing and I am absolutely unable to ride 3 days a week (13-18 hour shifts is a bitch). Still, 3 for 6 on my weekly distance goals wasn’t bad considering I had yet more work done on my bike and the new job. I’ll be cutting down the mileage goal for the upcoming months.

November 2014

125 miles/week, English century and a 19 mph weekly average. Should be pretty fun trying the last two. Remember the links above are in the Goals menu if you feel like keeping up with progress and such.

The English century ride I’ll be going on is featured here. That page will be updated with highlights and other goodies about the ride once it’s completed.

the future of goals

I’ve been trying to come up with a format for these goals that will continue to push me to improve. In all honesty, I think the goals I set will probably be setting me up to fail at the start (my first speed goal is 19 mph, and I’ve been only sometimes getting above 19 mph on my rides, whereas most of my rides are just above 18 mph). But, I think that failing these goals might be better for me than just making up some easy to obtain one (look back to August and September 2014).

Yes, I was able to pedal out 150 miles/week, but those were exceptional weeks aided by unexceptional work weeks. Now that the former is less likely due to the latter being extinct, it will be impossible to ride 150 miles/week until I get my speed up (making rides shorter) and my endurance increases (making longer rides possible). So, until possibly Spring, I’ll be keeping my distance goals around the 125 mark and looking to improve on speed and weight loss (hard to do since I have no scale).

It should be an interesting Winter. I’m fortunate to be in Florida, where I don’t have to worry myself with cold weather conditions too often and definitely don’t need to worry about snow. Here’s to a productive and eventful winter on the bike!

4 responses to “Goals update

  1. I’m jealous of your living in Florida… I’m stuck indoors for three months, maybe even four, starting, oh…about tomorrow. Good luck on your goals man.

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    • Thanks, brother!

      And yes, I am lucky. I don’t have a trainer yet, so it would be bad for me if I lived in a place with a real winter.

      I was shocked to learn that it is quite cold here in the mornings sometimes. I know 40 isn’t cold (I used to live in Colorado), but I also don’t have any long sleeve jerseys, leg warmers or gloves yet, so I usually wait until 11 or so head out on days like that. The order’s placed, and I should get that gear before the weekend which should help out on my goals some.

      My condolences for your location…

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  2. I want to do this next year. Setting up and keeping track of my mileage. I love in the tropics so I never really worry about winter.

    cheers! 🙂

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