The 1 hour rides

Due to my 5-day work schedule this past week, I set out to ride only 1 hour each day.

I had a great time doing things this way. The hour was quick enough to prevent scenery burnout and I was able to really test my speed improvements, if I had any over the last couple weeks.

Ride 1

Since I’m not so app-savvy whilst in the saddle, this ride got split into 2 different rides, as opposed to 2 laps. But, the stats would be close to the same, with the last 5+ miles suffering quite a bit due to the split and me eagerly trying to start the app up again, failing, then just giving into technology’s superiority and stopping to get the app recording again.

Lap 1

  • 20.1 miles; 01:00:01
  • 20.1 mph ave. speed – new record!
  • 34.7 mph max speed

Lap 2

  • 5.5 miles; 00:18:36
  • 17.7 mph ave. speed – yuck!
  • 26.8 mph max speed

OK, so the lap 2 is pathetic, but like I said, I had to stop to get the app going and I’m chalking up my poor performance to that cooling down period. Lap 1 is what I’m really focused on in any case as I was aiming for 1 hour rides. 20.1 mph average speed! I had so much fun going this fast! The lack of wind made it so easy to really push myself hard and to get all my muscles working the way I’ve been used to working them. Easy in that it wasn’t any extra work than before. I still worked my ass off this ride and had to take an extra roll around my neighborhood for a cool down. What fun though!

Ride 2

  • 19.7 miles; 01:01:32
  • 19.2 mph ave. speed
  • 30.2 mph max speed

WINDS! I can’t believe how windy it’s getting in Florida. As I’ve mentioned before, I used to live in Kansas (the true capitol of wind), and my afternoon rides are starting to remind me of what it might have been like to ride there. They always seem to come from the Northwest too, so there’s no real good routes to go on that would allow that to become a tailwind.

Regardless, I am still making improvements on windy rides. 19.2 mph with a cross/headwind for a vast majority of the ride sounds pretty good to me.

I finally found the infamous golf cart bridge across Hwy 441 and climbed that twice. It’s a nice steep grade, but only a couple hundred feet long – still the steepest I’ve found here, including Suglarloaf “Mountain”. So I’ll probably keep heading that way to keep climbing something substantially steep – I’ll try to get a picture next time as well.

Ride 3

  • 17.3 miles; 00:55:36 – actual distance and time is longer, the last 3 miles weren’t recorded.
  • 18.7 mph ave. speed
  • 39.8 mph max speed – new record!

Yay! Another new max speed record! It all happened on Micro Racetrack Rd., a stretch that I typically don’t do well on. This ride was different though! All those windy rides are paying off! This ride was windy as well, but for Micro Racetrack, the winds seemed to stop. So, I took advantage and really pushed hard up this road and the result is my new speed record!

My respite from the wind was short-lived, as soon as I left Micro Racetrack, cross/headwinds reunite! I think my average speed was around 20.3 mph at the end of Micro Racetrack, and as you can tell, I dropped significantly thereafter. I was actually expecting some portions of my return home to have tailwinds, but that expectation was thwarted by nature. Still, 18.7 mph isn’t bad, just not my best.

The last 3 miles got cut off in Strava for some reason. Not going to over think it. But I really wish it was there because I sprinted the last mile up Buttonwood and I really wanted to see if I made a new record for myself to beat. I guess I’ll just have to try it again soon.


I made some great improvements on my speed this week, and it’s not even over yet! I think with some morning rides (when I more frequently ride), I will be able to better judge my improvements.

Some of this has to be a result of some weight loss or, at the very least, weight transfer (fat to muscle). I can somewhat verify that I’ve gained some nice, lean muscle just by looking at my legs and arms, but I can’t confirm the weight gain/loss until I replace my scale…it’ll happen soon – I just have to find time (and that time is better spent in the saddle).

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  1. Excellent averages brother. Nice work.

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