A Photographical How To: Clean Your Bike After a Ride in the Rain

An excellent how-to on how to clean up a bike.

Fit Recovery

Many cyclists, myself included, keep a rain bike.  Unfortunately, every now and again the good bike ends up out in the bad weather, it’s just a fact of life.  Rain plays havoc with the moving parts of a bike and if not properly maintained after a wet ride, all kinds of bad things can happen, including rust.  It just so happens, on our way home from Georgia (USA), we drove through a few thunderstorms of Biblical proportions.  It was gnarly.

On arriving home, everything on the bike worked fine, the chain was a little gritty, but quiet all the same… I still set to stripping it down and cleaning everything.  Now, when I say everything, I mean everything, including every single metal bolt on the bike and relubing all of the important parts – the whole process took about hour and a half.  This is how it went…

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