On the road, again.

I first want to take a moment to talk about discussing fatness. Very recently, it was brought to my attention that calling myself fat by extension called everyone around me who was bigger than me, even fatter. I’ve heard this before, but it really hit me this time around. Women are most guilty of this. Being a nurse, I work around a ton of women and each of them degrades themselves in one way or another (thanks, mom!). Most chose their weight. Men less so, but since I’ve been on this fitness kick, I’ve noticed myself doing it quite a bit. Before you open your mouth about your weight, consider what it would be like to hear a size 2 woman or a marathon runner call themselves fat. I will be more careful now. And to all those who may have heard me in a roundabout way call you fat, 

I’m genuinely sorry. 

One month down, seven more to go!

On July 6, I started this crazy and awesome journey to fitness. Along the way, I’ll set goals you can read about on this page. Other goals are personal. I have no weight goal, really. I’m sure my weight loss will taper off when my body is comfortable with itself, and I’m sure I will be too. So, after one month, let’s talk about the progress I’ve made toward my first goal – the ride to Varn Park

When I started riding, it was painful. My legs, feet, lungs, arms, hands, butt and neck all hurt for one reason or another. It’s coming to the point where the pain is confined to my butt (soon to be resolved) and my legs. The latter for a great reason. I can feel my legs becoming stronger. It’s not as hard pedaling up hills and sprinting is finally doable. The pain is becoming a soreness, not exhaustion. I can’t tell you how great this is. Exhausted legs are painful because they just don’t work. Sore legs will work if you can just get through the pain. I’m proud of how well I deal with the pain and how I’ve been able to push myself to ride faster and/or longer. I started out doing 2-4 mile rides before my legs would exhaust. Since then, I went on a 35.8 mile ride that didn’t exhaust my legs at all (however, the heat exhausted my brain). 

The ride to Varn park is 95.1 miles and 7 months away. I don’t know if this is enough time or too much. In any case, I think I’ve made some great progress toward it just by being able to ride as far as I am after just 1 month. 

Thanks to my readers for coming along on the rides.

Thanks to my beautiful, loving and supportive wife for being so encouraging and proud! Without you, this experience wouldn’t be worth it!

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